Do you have a valet story?

Have you had a good or bad valet parking experience you are interested in sharing?

Are you a valet worker with some insights you would like to share?

Is there any advice you want to give people?

Write it up and send it in, along with the byline you would like included, and any photo you took that might be appropriate for your story.

(Video submissions are okay too.)

If it is appropriate material, I will feature your story on the Real Valet Control blog.

Send submissions to: info@realvaletcontrol.com

Here is a recent reader-supplied valet parking fiasco story.

* * *

A fair number of people are viewing my "valet parking crisis" posts... like "What to do when valet damages your car," loses keys, steals, can't find the car, takes forever to return the car, etc. I'm curious what some of your stories are.