vindictive valets

Have a complaint about a valet? Maybe you should hold back on it until after you leave.

An August 9th Yelp review for the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco says after the customer complained to management about rude treatment from the valet, that valet confronted them and yelled at them (in front of his boss). Later, the customer discovered that his 3 week old car had been KEYED.


I'm not.

Most valets are young men, and they definitely have the potential to be vindictive.

If you slight them somehow while also burning them on a tip, and if they get the chance... look out. There is a chance they will try to exact some justice, some valet karma. 

I have read a lot of Twitter posts by valets. One said he would push the windshield washer button until the car ran out of washer fluid as his method of revenge.

Others seem to take pride in releasing well-timed farts in the car. (They brag about it on Twitter.)

Mistreatment by the customer also invites... 

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