valet parking

Summer Travel Planning: Have you thought of everything?

Summer Travel Planning: Have you thought of everything?

You plan for everything — but there might be one thing you are overlooking. And it could throw a monkey wrench into your carefully prepared vacation plans.

What is it? 

Whether you are renting a car or using your own vehicle, you need to have a "valet parking game plan." 

If you end up deciding to use these services, don't leave items of value inside the car. Not even a stick of chewing gum. Because some valet workers will steal even your chewing gum.

Of course, it's possible you will encounter honest valets. However, it's also quite possible an honest valet will fail to ensure that all windows have been rolled up and all doors are locked. And that spells opportunity for any passing street bum, junkie, or small time criminal.

If items do go missing while your car is in the possession of a valet service, it's going to be a battle to get compensation for your loss... because the reality is:

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