Curated valet stories from Real Valet Control's soon-to-be-lost Google Plus page.

Valets gets busted with dashcam. He abused a customer's car:

Hotel manager valets manual transmission car and wrecks it:

Vehicle carjacked from valet at Dadeland Mall in Florida:

Management at New Orleans valet operation avoids customer who just had all their wheels stolen out of the valet lot, and then another business steps-up and and very quickly donates 4 wheels and tires.

Valet robbed, car stolen:

Uh oh... a valet company provided a worker for a car dealership, and news reports say the valet cannot be found a 4 cars are missing:

Man poses as valet at hospital, steals car:

Valet company damages car, appears intent on accommodating customer with compensation, but then completely ignores the customer when it is time to pay-up:

Man blames valet parking service for theft of $1600 from his car. Sues.

Valet car goes missing in Las Vegas. It was a rental car, and Caesars Palace isn't being much help:

Valet got caught joyriding in a customer's car. The authorities arrested him:

Trouble at valet service in Nashville:

Valet reveals insider knowledge (dirt) during TV interview:

Valet company was on a pathway of not paying-up after damage was found, but then a television news reporter got involved.

Expensive, 1 week old pick-up stolen from valet in Canada:

A number of valet parked cars were stolen in South Florida:

Valet worker killed on the job by hit and run driver:

A valet got carjacked in Atlanta late last night. Involved a Dodge Challenger.

Somebody messed up...

Valet at a car dealership helped himself to a customer's checkbook. The law caught up with him:

Poor security on a valet ramp leads to a customer's vehicle being stolen:

Another valet mishap in a parking garage:

Poor security apparently leads to a car being stolen from valet:

Another valet mishap in a parking garage:

Oops... A casino valet service handles a customer poorly after her car gets damaged - and she goes to the press:

Valet stole from customers' cars, and then he got caught.

Major valet parking incident: A customer's vehicle was driven off the fourth floor of a parking garage...

Customer uses a valet parking service, then gets $300 worth of tickets:

Valet service destroys car, customer turns to TV news station for help and gets fast results:

Valet gave a $300,000 Ferrari away, just because somebody demanded the keys:

If you own an Audi, it's a good idea to remove the glovebox valet key and post a sign on your passenger-side window which says "NO KEY."

A valet worker gave a car to a criminal.

Valet workers runs over a man...

Lamborghini stolen from valet...

Cars stolen from a valet parking service in Atlanta. Yes, Atlanta again.

Valet parking business serving Gatwick Airport abruptly ceases operations. Numerous valet parked cars suddenly are "unreachable."

Cleveland, Ohio: A valet worker failed to put a car into park. It rolled into two other parked cars at "Flour" restaurant. This link will take you to the page:

Tragic unauthorized use of a valet parked car...

Lose your valet claim ticket, lose your car. That's what happened to this person.

Thieves somehow get a key from a valet cabinet, steal customer's car. Now the valet company is being sued.

In South Africa, an airport valet parking service drives a customer's car 1935 kilometers, and they damage it. Valet company owner refuses to make it right.

It's possible that your auto insurer won't cover damage caused by a valet parking service.

Valet carjacked in Salt Lake City...

What? A valet service parked cars too close to a train track?

He gave his car away to a fake valet.

Valet company reeks havoc on former client by towing the restaurant's valet parked cars.

Valet crashes car. Two months later, still no resolution...

Another hospital valet parking operation lost a car to theft. And this car was brand new...

Valet worker kills one, injures 5 others in parking mishap:

Valet parked car was stolen. Customer made the mistake of leaving items of value in the car.

Multiple cars stolen from a valet parking service in Chicago. I blame their key security practices. In the valet business, sloppiness = problems.

Cars left with restaurant valets stolen...

Fake valet steals car from hospital customer:

Disgruntled customer throws valet like a rag doll.

Former valet worker allegedly steals a car from the valet service where he once worked. Odd story...

Here's a good reason why safe practices and good training matter with valet parking services:

Hotel customer hands his keys to a valet worker who was actually a car thief:

Professional athlete gets a tough lesson about why valets should not be trusted.

They have a baby, then discover that the hospital valets allowed their truck to be stolen.

Valet gives car away to the wrong person:

Car was stolen from a valet worker in California. The thief had a bad crash, and it was caught on video!

Man who posed as a valet back in March (and stole a car)takes hostages in police standoff. Johnstown, PA:

Former valet worker stole 3 cars from his former employer's valet lot:

Valet parking service in Detroit lost a customer's car... but 6 days later they found it. Though the customer got her car back, not everything was good about this. Her car was damaged and items were missing from inside the car:

Valet worker left a truck running. Somebody took advantage and stole it:

Valets in India lost a customer's car to a thief...

A Florida valet worker allegedly stole checks from customers' cars, then stole their cash:

Safety vests now required for valets in Malibu, California. It's a good idea.

Luxe valet driver was involved in fatal crash:

Valets lost another car to a car thief…

Valet drives car into tour guide on a Segway.

Woman celebrates brand new BMW purchase by going out for dinner and valet parking her new car... and then the valets (apparently) give her car to somebody else and it gets wrecked. Here's the story:

Bad behavior...

Valet exits a car while it is running and still in gear. The car crashes into a structure:

Fake valet steals car outside Courtyard Marriott in San Francisco:

Hawaii valet workers give their customer's car to a thief:

Mall valets lost radio personality's car:

Fatal accident involving valet worker:

Valet in Florida gives a car away to the wrong person. Driver pulls away with somebody else's 2015 Mercedes.

Risks of valet parking:

Former NBA player allegedly steals valet parked car. Brings it back 6 hours later. Car is damaged and now has weed odor:

Insights into the Dallas-area valet parking business:

More cars stolen from valet parking services:

Valet customer's car stolen from hotel. Hotel says it is not responsible:

Yes, your valet parked car could be stolen and wind up in Africa:

Three cars stolen from restaurant valet parking service in Milwaukee.

Valet parking companies in Baltimore are getting hammered with fines:

Man pays $6 to a St. Louis valet parking service and thinks his car is safe. But it gets broken in to. And what does the valet service do? Of course, it dodges responsibility for it: 

Hotel valets in Dubai deny that they damaged customer's car. Customer vows never to return:

Customer blames hotel valets in New Orleans for damage caused to his truck. Complains they did not step forward to admit they were the cause of it:

Customer valet parks car with Gatwick Airport valet company. When he got it back 2 weeks later, there were 842 extra miles on it!

Of course the valet company denied it. But then the police discovered the license plate got photo captured in 4 different counties on 7 different days! Busted!

Valet mugged while getting a customer's car. This is one reason why using valet services can be a good thing. You stay safe. The valet risks getting mugged in the garage or on the street. 

Car stolen from hospital valet service:

Valets accused of causing new damage. They appear to concede it is their fault. But then the customer's damage claim is denied:

Another valet parked car damaged at a hotel. Hotel is not helpful.

A valet worker hits the gas instead of the brake, and bricks rain down on the sidewalk below:

Kentucky valet worker arrested on murder charge:

Guest reports that valets play "South Beach Drift" while moving cars at Miami Beach hotel:

A hotel valet service at a fancy hotel manages to have a wedding dress disappear from one of their guest's cars, and says they are not liable:

Just another case where a customer believes a valet service damaged a car, but the valet people don't care:

Consumer stays at a nice Las Vegas hotel. Yet, something still goes missing from the car.

Consumer buys brand new car, parks it with valet, and they park it under a leak of some kind, which permanently affected the paint finish.

“The perils of valet parking”

iPhone stolen from New York City hotel valet operation. Customer vented on TripAdvisor:

Man describes how he got a stress fracture in his foot from bad shoes and valet work:

CNN did a good video piece about Zirx's operations in New York City:

One bad valet parking experience can kill a customer relationship.

Fake valet in Virginia steals a car. Victim goes on TV.

Valet worker in California hit by car:

Woman in India gets conned out of her car by a fake valet:

Legal clamp-down on miss-classified workers In California is causing some on-demand valet start-ups to reconsider their approach.

Luxe Valet coming to Philadelphia:

Luxe Valet arrives in Chicago:

What happened to this person's phone?

A potentially big story about flagrant valet abuse in Amsterdam is rumored to break soon:

Hotel guests describe a bad valet experience at a hotel...

North Jersey car thieves looking for nice cars with the keys left inside of them...

Customer spit in valet's face. Drove into him. Police are looking for the driver.

Valet robbed at gunpoint in St. Louis...

The internet "valet buzz champion of the day" is not the two Mercedes cars being stolen from a country club's valet service, but the stiffing of a valet worker by a very prominent and wealthy executive:

An interesting tale of valet parking going wrong. Hotel valet loses the key. Customer describes it as similar to pushing a boulder up a mountain in getting the hotel to fix and pay for the problem...

Car stolen out of valet - Kansas City:

Two very expensive cars were stolen from a country club valet service in New Jersey: 

Another on-demand valet parking company getting ready to roll-out:

Valet workers organizing...

Competing on-demand valet servies... side by side:

Ohio city wants valet companies to pay up:

Dashcam catches vandal in the act:

Valet intentionally struck by car in California:

The BluCar app makes some progress in the on-demand valet parking sphere:

The "What would you do? valet episode.

A valet in North Carolina wrecked a 1965 Shelby Cobra kit car a few days ago.

Valets somehow incinerate a customer's truck:

Valet sentenced to 3 months in jail for stealing a customer's iPad:

Good story about valet parking in Los Angeles from back in January 2014.

Valet parking service in India loses a customer's car to a thief:

Casino valet hits pedestrian...

It's been all over the internet: a valet destroyed a rare Ferrari. The widely reported story of the valet mistakenly hitting the gas when he intended to brake might not be true. A member of the auto group involved said on their Facebook page that this accident resulted from an unauthorized early morning joyride while the car owner was still asleep.

Hotel patron has an issue with valet service, gets refund from HOTEL.

Noise complaint about valet service:

Customer gives valet his car. It almost instantly gets stolen. (Multiple theft incidents have happened in Atlanta.)

New Orleans Hotel screws over guest with stall tactics in handling a damage claim for a truck that was damaged while in their valet department's care:

Mercedes goes missing from valet service in Malaysia. Government official warns not to blindly trust valets...

A legal discussion about "bailments" and how this applies to valet parking. Good information.

Video surfaces of valet who got hit by a car.

A valet customer got his car immediately wrecked by a valet worker:

Stolen Newport Beach car has been recovered:

News of the Newport Beach valet theft case continues to spread. It's all over Twitter. Valet parking fiascoes have a high likelihood of going viral, as this incident is beginning to show.

Newport Beach valet theft incident makes national TV:

Another valet gives another customer's vehicle to a car thief:,0,188468.story

Valet sees his $750 phone get smashed into the ground. Then he gets smashed to the ground.

Car stolen while in the care of suburban Chicago valet service at a hospital:

Just another incident of an item going missing after a car was entrusted to the care of a valet service. The hotel says "Not our problem."

A good example of terrible valet service:

Fake celebrity without claim ticket gets valets to hand over a car. Takes car.

Be careful with who you hand money to when entering a parking lot.

Yet another TV news story about on-demand valet parking. This one is from a San Francisco station reporting about "Luxe" and "Zirx."

Hospital valet crashes customer's car.

Interesting news story about valet on-demand company "Zirx." It appears Zirx hit a sweet spot in Seattle: 

A valet who has been in the game for decades:

Just because a valet is handling fancy cars, it does not mean the valet is professional or good at his job:

Valet in Portland, Maine crashes a guest's car.

Sloppy key security results in a valet customer's car being stolen, and they took much more than her rental car.

"The valet told me 'I think we made a mistake. We gave your car to the wrong person.'"

Here's how a valet could quickly and easily make a copy of your house key, and get your home address!

2015 Mercedes S550 stolen from valet service, along with keys to 8 other cars.

Valet in New Zealand goes joyriding with a Mercedes - attempts to run over pedestrian:

Here's a valet-wrecked Mustang from a few months ago. Yep, damage happens! And sometimes the valet companies are uncooperative.

Alleged drunk driver accelerates into a valet worker. 

A report has surfaced about 4 cars being stolen at a hospital valet service. A 2015 vehicle was stolen right off the driveway while the keys were still in it. Later it was used in a robbery and sustained $11,000 worth of bullet hole damage. Culprit: poor key security by valet service.

2014 Lexus IS250 stolen out of a valet lot in New Jersey. How'd they get the keys? Did the valet service not secure the keys properly?

Valet work is not always pleasant. Here's some animal shit in somebody's car that a valet found.

A valet in Dubai hit the gas a little too hard.

Injured hotel worker sues valet company. Says they enabled car jacking by not securing keys.

Valet kills a child and severely injures her mother while taking an unauthorized trip in a customer's car to get cigarettes:

Valet gives the keys of a 2012 Audi A7 to a thief. Thief crashes the car into a power pole, causing 4800 households to lose their electricity.

I'm not surprised at all. Valets sometimes fail to verify that they are giving the keys to the right person.

Yah, things can definitely disappear if you decide to leave things in your car while valet parking:

Valet worker got robbed while hailing a cab for a customer:

A good news valet story... Athletic valet kicks (alleged) criminal's ass:

Chicago valet service crackdown got publicity:

City of Chicago cracks down on illegal parking by valet services:

Car stolen from airport valet service:

Sloppy key handling by valet service results in vehicle theft:

Another valet smashes a car. Of course, the vehicle's owner encountered resistance from the valet company when it came to compensation. Here's the story:

Woman portrays herself to be a valet worker, steals car with 91 year old woman inside, gets caught. It was her second vehicle theft at this hotel within a month:

Mayhem in Miami. Carjacker strikes at Miami hotel. Crashes into multiple cars. People injured:

It's all over the internet now. Any valet worker who abuses a 2015 Corvette will be a complete idiot.

Customer valet parks, $9000 diamond ring disappears:

Parking crunch. This neighborhood could use on-demand valet parking services:

Old guy tries to hustle up a few bucks, pretends to be the valet... smashes car.,0,3053377.story

Casino determined not at fault in death of patron after valet workers let drunk guest have his keys: 

A valet lost your keys? Here is what you do...

Sports celebrity doesn't tip valet. Valet goes public on