Hotel worker used valet parked car for an errand. Kills pedestrian. The car is wrecked and unusable.

It's an unimaginable outcome to a valet parking transaction.

According to news reports, a hotel worker allegedly took a hotel guest's valet parked car for his own use in carrying out a personal errand. It was 3:30 in the morning and he wanted a Red Bull to help him finish his shift.

A woman crossing the street - at a place where there was no marked crosswalk - ended up getting fatally struck by the valet parked car this hotel clerk was driving.

In a continuation of bad decision-making, the hotel worker then drove away and hid the car.

That initial unethical, inappropriate act of taking the valet parked car to the local Walgreen's for a drink run has set in motion a chain reaction of mayhem and pain.

One bad decision ended a life and threw this hotel worker's life into a downward spiral of misery and psychological trauma.

In addition, the Red South Beach Hotel, where this hotel clerk works, certainly has a publicity crisis on its hands... along with potentially -- an enormously costly legal problem.

And then there is the customer. That car is wrecked. It's in the custody of the police. 

How shocking is that? They entrusted their car to the valet service. A hotel worker got into the key cabinet. Out of all the cars he could have chosen, he picked their's. And now look at the mess they're in.

It's valet parking roulette. Every time you park your car, there is a chance something will go wrong, even horribly wrong, like in this case.

Is there a way he could have chosen another valet customer's car? 

Yes, there is. I will be updating my recommendations about how to intelligently use valet parking services in my next article.

Additional resources: Miami Herald article