How easy is it to steal a car from valet? News crew from "Inside Edition" shows how it is done.

This man in this video looks honest. And the only thing valet workers really care about is the tip. 

When I was new at valet parking I gave away hundreds of cars without seeing a claim ticket. That's how the more experienced valets appeared to do it. So I followed their example.

I just thought: "Who the hell is going to steal a car here?" I mean, we had surveillance cameras right there. If a valet customer got alarmed because I presented the keys without seeing a claim ticket, I'd say "You look honest. Plus we have the cameras." And I'd point to 4 cameras. Or I'd say "I remember you. I know this is your car."

But later I learned that those cameras were old, and the footage was grainy. And I learned that some people accidentally claim the wrong car, and then drive away.

I began to get more assertive in asking for claim tickets. But if somebody was carrying a ten or twenty dollar bill and said they couldn't find their ticket in a sincere, seemingly authentic way, I would just let them have the car—without hassle—and take the tip.

I was getting exploited at a pay rate of $3.83 an hour. There was no way I was going to jeopardize that tip by being a hard-ass about the missing claim ticket.

There were also times when I just couldn't wait for somebody to go through all their pockets, or through their whole purse looking for this little piece of paper with a number on it. We'd be going down in flames. Large crowds of irritated people would be waiting 30 or 40 minutes for us to get their cars. I had no time whatsoever to dally. So, if they acted like it was their car, I'd give them the keys and get them out of the driveway. Then I would run like crazy for the next car, and maybe do the same thing again.

I recommend using a codeword tag to help defend your car from this sort of thing. Check it out. 

By the way, a valet parked car was just stolen this way in Australia. Somebody acted confident and asked for the car. It's gone! Here's the story...