He left the keys in somebody else's car... and that car was gone.

I have only valet parked cars at fancy places. I visited one of them yesterday, simply because I was walking by it. 

After only hanging out for about 3 minutes, the valet manager walked up to the fellow I was talking to and said he had to go to the suburbs to pick up some car keys that one of his valets had accidentally left in another customer's car.

I think that's funny. Because...

  1. Nothing changes in this business. The same mistakes happen over and over again.

  2. And that's what happens when you have amateurs instead of career professionals doing the work.

The pay is generally quite poor for valet workers. (As low as $2.13 an hour in 19 different states.) Valet workers rely on the whims of their customers in whether they make a decent wage or not.

After a few bad shifts, valets begin to think about looking for another job.

Eventually, the valets who have a degree of competency leave for more lucrative opportunities. So then fresh new rookies are brought in. And they make a lot of dumb mistakes. Like leaving somebody else's key ring in a departing car. And then nobody knows where those keys went.

If only valet companies were able to pay a livable wage, then they would have employees who take the job seriously and the rookie mistakes would be much less common.