Don't toss the keys to the valet.

That's not how it's done.

Among valet workers, tossing keys is a no-no. You shouldn't do it either. But if you were to do it, a key toss is only appropriate with a valet that you have known for a while.

If you don't know the valet and you want to do the key toss, it's only cool if you are leaving a nice tip on the dash, or if you are following-up the key toss with a gratuity slap (into the valet's palm). Otherwise, they are going to think you are a schmuck.

In the TV ad above, the gecko is an unsophisticated, reckless user of the service. He's just driving around, spots a valet kiosk, pulls over, tosses his car key to a complete stranger, and doesn't even get a claim ticket.

If that was a real valet worker, how is the gecko going to get his car back? Especially if there is a shift change and a different valet worker is manning the kiosk?

"No claim ticket, no car" is what the other valet will say.

Tossing the key to a valet is a foolish reliance on trust. Trust is a bad strategy when it comes to valet parking. You should be more careful.

See yesterday's article for a more intelligent protocol to use when handing your car over to a valet.