A valet worker could impact your auto insurance rates by driving your car roughly.

"Telematics" used by insurance companies like State Farm and Progressive will record your car's driving behavior. 

Thirty-two year old Sean Hopkins dropped his car off with the valets at London Stansted airport. When he got it back, everything seemed fine. But then he got an alert from his insurance company warning him about risky driving behavior that had taken place.

The automotive telematics device in Mr. Hopkins' car, which was provided by his auto insurance company, generates scores for each driving journey. He had achieved a score of 99 out of 100 for the trip to the airport. But then a 12 was recorded for one of three joyrides that Mr. Hopkins had no knowledge of, joyrides that involved hard cornering, heavy braking, and speed.

Apparently, the valet responsible for this aggressive driving was fired according to this article about the incident.

In the United States, the insurance company "Progressive" has been the most successful at getting their auto insurance customers to plug a telematics device ("Snapshot") into their car. People have been agreeing to this form of surveillance because there is the possibility of getting cheaper insurance rates based upon a driver's real life driving practices.

Initially, the message was that nobody would be punished with higher rates for aggressive driving. But things have changed. Since last spring, Progressive has been using the data to find higher risk insurance customers, so that they can add a surcharge to their rates.

Imagine if you valet parked your car every day and unknown to you, the valets were driving your car roughly. And if this were happening during a driving habits evaluation period, where your car was being monitored by your insurance company to determine whether you deserved a discount or a surcharge, well... wouldn't it suck if the valets you trusted screwed that up for you?

It's a scenario to be mindful of if you are thinking about connecting your car with Progressive's Snapshot or another insurance company's telematics.  



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