Palm Beach County valet customer is missing a $1000 ring after valet parking their car.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that a $1000 ring disappeared after a car was valet parked.

Here is reality:

  • It's not unusual for a valet worker to steal something out of your car. It happens.

  • Valet workers, generally, are not living comfortably. They struggle like other low wage workers. And if you tempt them with a great opportunity to profit through stealing, some of them will seize that opportunity.

  • Even if they are honest, they can easily forget to lock-up a car, or make sure that all windows are up. So then you are exposed to the possibility of an opportunistic criminal discovering that your car is easily available for pillaging.

What to do about it:

Assume that every valet you park your car with is going to find your items of value and steal them. This includes your sunglasses, your spare change, your pen, your chewing gum, your air freshener.

Everything is at risk of disappearing.

So if you don't want to lose it, then please remove it from the car before you hand over your car to a valet.