Valet revs customer's Lamborghini. Unfortunately, it caught on fire.

Funny stuff... A valet decided to have some fun with somebody's Lamborghini. It was a nice day in Miami Beach. He took it for a little spin, apparently.

People say he revved the engine up. And then... it caught on fire!

Here's the video:

I'm curious what the rest of the story is, but it doesn't appear to be out there.

This is just the way things are.

The valet workforce is made up mostly of young men.

Young men are genetically wired to take risks and seek pleasure and thrills.

Some of these young men think the customer's cars are their toys to play with.

When somebody gives one of them control over a really fancy sports car, that's a great time for you to get your mobile device ready to record, because bad things can definitely happen. 

The lesson: Anything that can possibly go wrong with a valet parking experience absolutely can go wrong, at any time. Like I said before... it's valet parking roulette.