They stayed at the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada. A valet parking fiasco ensued.

This is a consumer submitted post:

Poor customer service on the part of the staff, and negligence on the part of the valet people.

We stayed at the Nugget in Sparks, Nevada in late September 2015 and valet parked our brand new truck with them (which we only had for 4 days).

On Sunday morning I had to be at a horse show at the livestock center about ten minutes down the road. My attendance at this event was required, beginning in one hour.

We sat outside and waited for our truck and noticed most people who came after us were getting their vehicles. (???)

After 45 minutes of waiting we started talking to a couple next to us who had also been waiting quite awhile, and then we both went to the valet desk to ask what the hold-up was. They explained that they had rearranged some of the vehicles and couldn't find some of them.
I had a deadline to be at the show grounds and the passing time was getting me concerned. I told them I would go look for the vehicle if they told us where valet parking kept the vehicles. The response was: we were not allowed in their garage.
The couple we had been speaking to told me the valet service couldn't find their keys (!). In a stroke of luck, they spotted them in the safe when it was open, made the valet guys pull the keys out, and were getting their car in the next few minutes.

So we went back to talk to the valet people. It turns out the truck wasn't lost, but rather—our keys were lost!
I informed them I needed a shuttle ride to the livestock center. Instead of positively responding to my request, they informed me that they needed to help another customer first.

At this point I am now late to the horse show and ready to leave my husband there and take a cab. 

They finally decided at 1½ hours into it that they could use the set of extra keys I had in my purse to get the truck. Success!

They also promised to continue looking for my lost keys.

The problem is: since we just bought the truck, the keys still had the dealer's information on them... so whomever has them also has the make and VIN number and could more easily steal the truck.

So now I am at the horse show worrying about the keys while trying to get the horse in the show pen and trying to stay focused.

So I called the front desk and asked for the manager. I got put into the voice mail of Alicia. I left her a message asking what the hotel planned to do about my lost keys and all this inconvenience and aggravation they were causing me.

Of course, I checked my phone numerous times throughout the day and received no call from the valet department and no call from the manager, Alicia. 

After we finished at the show and went back to the Nugget, they told us they had no Idea where the keys could be, and they said security wanted to make a report. We were also advised that they would be calling a locksmith.

We sat in the lobby waiting. After 20 minutes I told my husband to ask the valet people when security would show up. We learned that the security people didn't know what was going on. They were all confused.
We pointed out that we could shed some light on the situation, so the guy comes out with a form he wanted me to fill out, which I did. He took my cell number and said he would call with an update on the locksmith and that he would speak to the front desk, let them know there was an issue, and see about comping the room. 

Of course, we received no call. At around 11 p.m. we went to bed.

The next morning we got up not knowing if the locksmith had made a copy or not.

At check out we were told by the assistant front desk manager, Cameron, that he knew nothing about the incident and wasn't allowed to comp a room... but he said he would speak to Alicia.

He took my number and promised to call.

When we arrived at valet we got our truck and two sets of keys.  (They made a new one.)

As we were driving home, the assistant manager called to say they will deduct the resort charge of 10 per day. THAT WAS IT.

After all of the stress and wasted time, that was all they were offering, and they were not willing to admit that they had lost our keys.

The big issue for us is the keys are still missing and someone—if they looked up the VIN—could still potentially steal the truck.

I believe the Nugget should pay to re-key the truck... AT THE LEAST! 

Comping the room would have been the appropriate thing, but they wouldn't do that. 

We really felt like we were just bothering everyone.

What a difference from the way the place used to be run, and what a shame.

It's a very different way of treating people, compared to other casinos.