Could you bring bedbugs into your home by using a valet parking service?

The answer is yes... because some people could care less if their car is a pigpen. 

During my time as a valet worker at a fancy hotel, I moved at least 10,000 cars. Sprinkled throughout my day were trips to the garage in disgusting cars. I hated the Toyota Prius the most because many had a strange toxic-like interior odor and for some unknown reason many Prius owners are slobs.

I'm talking about 5 years worth of dust on the dash. Sticky soda that was spilled on the console a couple years ago and never cleaned up. Food wrappers and other waste from food lying around. A hazy film on the glass from never being cleaned. Yuck...

Among the worst were cars like the one seen above. That heavy concentration of cigarette odor is absolutely repulsive. Yes, I have encountered cars like that, even at the upscale property I worked at. These cars are horrible to sit inside. The smell is just awful. I could barely stand it. And frankly, if at all possible, I'd tell a rookie to park it.

I don't understand why people would think nothing of handing the key to their disgusting car to a valet when it is in that sort of condition.   

Dirty cars are not rare. They are seen frequently at valet parking locations. The bad news for you is... what if one of them has bed bugs, (or lice)? The valet can easily transport a bed bug unknowingly to your car!

Yes, this is another risk of valet parking!

I talked about this with the guys at work. We decided it was a good idea to change our clothes before entering our homes, for just in case if we had picked up a bed bug in one of these dirty cars.

Can you imagine having bedbugs in your home, and how awful it would be, and how much of an ordeal and expense it would be to get rid of them?

A bedbug really could hitch a ride from a valet in a dirty car to your car... and then on to your clothes, and then into your home.