Four 15 year old teens allegedly steal a car from Hollywood, Florida valet service. Crashed car. Arrested.

A news report said they were driving at speeds up to 100 mph.

Four 15-year-olds from Broward County have been arrested for allegedly stealing a Cadillac from a Hollywood, Florida valet parking service. They made their way north to the island of Palm Beach where they crashed the car during a police chase and then escaped on foot. Police blocked roads heading off the island and used helicopters and dogs to find the car thieves.

So there you have it... yet again another valet parking service lost a car to car thieves. It's just too easy.

Your car really could disappear when you turn it over to a valet parking service.

When a car goes missing, what happens next is the valet service will stall and dodge the claims process for as long as possible while they hope your car eventually turns up, undamaged. They aren't going to cut you a check on the spot. No, no. This will be an ordeal for the victim. There will be a lot of frustration and stress. And the valet service will hope that you eventually decide to use your own insurance to get the situation handled.

Sometimes the cars are crashed. Sometimes the cars are found with bullet holes in them. Sometimes the cars are never recovered.

This wasn't the last time a car will ever be stolen from a valet service. It's going to happen again.

(Among valet parking services I believe "on-demand" valet parking services have the lowest risk of auto theft.)

This tweet comes to mind. I can't believe that a valet company actually posted this. It must have been written by a social media company. Because in reality there is no easy, unhindered, stress-free path to a valet company's insurer and full compensation for a loss that occurred under their watch. It is always a giant hassle. And a battle that must be fought.