This guy is pissed off that a valet stole his camera..

Valet theft is not at all uncommon. Here is a victim doing a rant on Youtube.

UPDATE 7/18: The original video was deleted, and a mirror site that had the footage also deleted it. Oh well!

Even though a venue might be very nice and classy, it doesn't mean your valuables are safe. This man assumed the valet stole his camera after leaving it in his car for just a few minutes. But it could have been an opportunistic, eagle-eyed thief who was passing by.

If that was the case, then that was a lapse in security by The Reef Atlantis. They should have better vigilance over their ramp.

Since the original Youtube video was promptly taken down, I think this fella's outreach to his followers had a big impact and caused Atlantis to do whatever it took to make the problem go away.

He posted a link to his Youtube video on Reddit and got some buzz going there, and he asked people to tweet to @AtlantisResort using the hashtag:


Very quickly 58 people asked Atlantis to fix the problem using that tweet information. This probably had impact.

Things were heading towards going viral before the Youtube video was brought down.

If you watch the video on the mirror site, it shows the angst of losing a valuable item to a thief. Hopefully this video will convince you that valets cannot be fully trusted. You need to take precautions while using these services.