You cannot trust that a valet parking service will lock your car.

Don't leave valuable items inside your car. It's stupid.

According to the Malibu Surfside News, on July 3rd a man's vehicle was burglarized while he dined at a restaurant along the Pacific Coast Highway. He had used the restaurant's valet service. After driving away he realized items were missing, including:

  1. A Dell laptop computer.

  2. A Nikon camera.

  3. Envelopes containing $3200 in cash(!).

  4. Two watches.

  5. And more! Yikes!

Surveillance tape showed somebody entering the valet lot and opening the rear passenger side door.

From the story, it appears the valet service failed to ensure that the car was secure. And this is a common thing. 

Upon arriving at a valet service, you should have all of your windows up except your driver's window. You should have all doors locked except your door. This makes it easier for the valet not to screw up and less likely your car will be pilfered while the car sits in a valet lot.

Another vehicle burglary happened on the other coast on June 26th. In Randolph, New Jersey, the victim left his wallet in his center console. When he got his car back from the valet service, he discovered his wallet was gone.

Theft by valets appears to happen often. But I also know it is not uncommon for valets to fail to ensure that the cars they are entrusted with are locked-up and secure.

My blog post "What to do when valet steals items from your car" is popular for a reason: people are researching the topic and looking for guidance. 

It's crazy to trust a valet service not to steal from your car. Take everything of value out. 

They will drink your bottled water. They will eat your food. They will help themselves to your chewing gum. They will take your pens, your phone charger, your spare change in the cupholder, your gun underneath the seat, your GPS device, your electronic toll pass, even your air freshener. And especially your weed.

And if you are leaving items in your car like the person in California did, you are stepping towards anguish, stress and heartbreak. Why invite this into your life? Empty out your car before valet parking, or take all of your valuable items with you.

Another recent valet theft incident: "A man had $2,350 stolen from his vehicle which was left in the valet queue in the 200 block of East Atlantic Avenue."