When presenting your car to a valet worker, make sure you get a claim ticket.

Actor in Mumbai, India appears to have been conned.

This is interesting...

A valet worker at a nightclub insisted to the arriving customer, an actor, that a claim ticket was not necessary for him, since they all knew him very well. So into the nightclub the actor went.

At 1:30 in the morning the actor came outside to reclaim his BMW X6. Then the valet told him that he never gave them the car. Then the valet told him his car was stuck in traffic. And then the valet said he gave the car away to somebody that looked like him.

The actor said he had to drag the valet to the cops. It's not a well-thought-out crime. Read the full story HERE.

What's the moral of the story?

Valet parking fiascoes can happen anywhere to anybody.

Valet parking always involves risk. You never know if you are dealing with competent professionals with a safe parking facility or unethical rookies who can't drive. It's a gamble.

And make sure you get a claim ticket. (Don't lose it either. Whoever finds it can claim your car.) It seems permitting the valet not to provide a claim ticket is what triggered this particular theft.

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