On-demand valet parking service pioneer "Zirx" begins operations in Brooklyn, New York

Zirx announced today through a news release that it has begun operations in Brooklyn.

Zirx charges ahead into Brooklyn, NY.

Zirx charges ahead into Brooklyn, NY.

Current pricing is $3 per hour plus a $12 pick-up and delivery fee. A monthly unlimited pass is available for $499 per month. Additional services offered by Zirx include gasoline fill-ups, electric vehicle charging, car washes, oil changes and tire rotations.

So you can have your car parked, get it washed and filled-up, etc. while they are in possession of it.

Users download an app and summon a valet to meet-up with them in order to hand-off the car, similar to how "Valet Anywhere," also in New York City, works.

When the customer is ready for the vehicle to be returned, they just use the app to have a valet bring it back. No cash required. Payment is handled electronically though the app.

One of the main advantages of on-demand valet parking is there is a much lower chance of vehicle theft compared to regular valet parking services, because a "hand-off code" is built-in as part of the transaction, and because the on-demand valet is only dealing with your car, not multiple cars simultaneously as a regular valet might. It's not sitting around with the key inside while the engine is running. The on-demand valet gets in and drives off immediately.

Pro Tip: On-demand valet parking services can be smart to use when attending an event. Because valet parking at big events can be easy going in, but may take forever to get your car back due to the volume of people all leaving at the same time at the conclusion of the event. On-demand valet parking services can cost less than hotel valet parking and get you out quicker in these situations.

When these services work as they should, people are very happy. But this is a very difficult business to run. Things can go wrong. I have seen the tweets of really annoyed customers. Long delay fiascoes can happen with any on-demand valet parking service, and regular valet parking services too. So if you need to catch a plane, allow for a lot of extra cushion time for just in case.

I did find some troubling commentary by some of Zirx's West Coast workers on Glassdoor.com and wrote about it HERE.

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Pro Tip: Use "on demand" valet when attending a large event instead of the venue's valet service, or self-park!

On-demand valet parking companies bring lower risk of vehicle theft.