How to prevent your valet parked car from being given to somebody else...

A simple measure can save you from something like this...

I've been promoting this idea for more than a year. I had two Kickstarters offering it, and nobody cared!

I offered free downloads of my "codeword cards." Nobody cared!

Trying to help people to take such a simple precaution when valet parking is like attempting to push a boulder up a mountain.

You guys don't listen, and nobody helps me out by even spreading the word about it. 

I call it a "valet client photo ID card."

This is how you defend your car from amateur valets who can easily give your car to somebody else.

This is how you defend your car from amateur valets who can easily give your car to somebody else.

All you need is a head-shot, your phone number, and a little bit of money and I will hook you up. This is a plastic card the size of a driver's license. You attach it to your key(s).

  1. If they lose your keys, at least there is a chance that somebody will try to contact you to return them (you decide what the reward amount is and you pay it).
  2. The card shows the valet service that you mean business and are unlike others. They will be inspired to be extra careful.
  3. And if somebody says they lost their claim ticket while pointing at your car and offering a nice tip, the valet can say "Hold on, the photo on this ID card does not match your face." And then the car thief is running down the street instead of peeling away in your car.

Take a good look around.

Most valet workers are kids. They get paid as little as $2.13 an hour. If somebody is holding a ten or twenty dollar bill in their hand while acting like your car is their car, the valet will only see that this very generous person is about to give them their big tip of the day. They won't see a car thief. They will assume this is a lucky moment. They will skip the request to produce the claim ticket and ask if they need directions. "Is there anything else I can do for you sir/miss?" And off they go.

Valet workers have a short life cycle. Rookies are everywhere. They can be easily conned into giving away car keys to car thieves. It happens over and over again.

After a year of posting blog articles here, a good number of people are beginning to visit my site. Yet it appears nobody is serious about getting prepared to defend their car from incompetent valets.

Why is that?

Valet parking fiascoes happen all the time. Usually things go fine. But bad things do happen. Anybody who is using these services should get educated about what can go wrong (by perusing my site) and take simple steps to minimize the chances of something going wrong.

If you want a Valet Client Photo ID Card, get a hold of me. My email address is in the bottom right corner.

(I believe this guy was joking around and wouldn't actually steal the car.) With a little sweet-talking, it's possible to be given a car. It's no secret. Anybody who has worked in the valet business knows this.