On-demand valet parking service "llollo" arrives in Madrid, Spain

Coming up, college campus on-demand valet parking service provider "GoRyder," in San Diego.

llollo has begun operations in Madrid, Spain. A reader clued me in on this one. Here is their site. They did a nice job with it. The reader says his experience with using llollo was as good as Luxe in San Francisco. (Thanks for the tip James Ferini.)

In other news, another new on-demand valet parking service is working towards becoming operational. This one intends to focus on college campuses beginning in San Diego, and it's called "GoRyder." Well, that makes me laugh. (I have nothing to do with it!)

Tons of students complain on Twitter about how their high school or university should have valet parking, especially during winter when conditions are cold and miserable. It seems there is also a scarcity of parking at a lot of universities, so entrepreneurs are beginning to jump on this market gap.

llollo in Spain is more interesting to me though. The idea of on-demand valet parking services originated in the United States in San Francisco, New York and Boston. But now it is an idea that is being cloned in India, China, Spain, and probably many other international cities shortly.

I think there is a good opportunity in selling the software.