Thoughts on how the on-demand valet parking industry will evolve...

The spread of on-demand valet parking services continued this week with the official commencement of operations in Chicago by Luxe Valet.

I initially found this "on demand" valet parking concept puzzling, thinking that it was only viable as a luxury (expensive) service. But I am beginning to see all sorts of other possibilities.

As companies like Luxe build their brand recognition, their base, and their expertise, I think they could pose a threat to some other industries, and possibly help boost others.

First, they could set-up a different division and go after hotel valet accounts using their new ideas, new variations of their apps, and their jazzy uniform designers. It would be challenging for them, but quite possible. The big valet outsourcing companies who stick with business as usual might one day be forced to adapt to creative new competitors. Soon.

And what if other services were added to those apps?

Already, they will do extras for you like top off your fuel tank, get the car washed, and things like that.

There could be all sorts of service requests running through their apps. Flower delivery. Summoning a driver. Meal delivery. Summoning a photographer to a location, or a local tourist guide. And it just charges your account immediately and it's done.


As those on-demand valets wait around at their corners, they become ideal tourism information centers. People see their distinct uniform and know it's okay to ask for directions. As part of the process they get an invitation to download the app along with a coupon code. And the valet receives incentives for new sign-ups.

Less ambitious on-demand valet parking companies could merely license their software to new on-demand enterprises around the globe.

What do you think about the future of on-demand valet parking services? Please leave a comment below. 

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