Just a reminder that there are good valets and schmuck valets. And you never know which ones you're going to get.

Whenever you are using valet parking services, it's like taking a spin at the roulette wheel. The outcome is never 100% certain.

Valet parking offered at a site in Boston.

Valet parking offered at a site in Boston.

Usually when people tweet about valet parking, it's to brag, to say that the valet guys are hot, or to complain. So I find it refreshing to see an authentic, extremely positive post... such as this one:

Unfortunately, somebody else at a different property had a completely opposite experience, as described in this Trump International Hotel Las Vegas post on TripAdvisor. The customer claims they mistakenly left their iPhone 6 in the car after valet parking at this property. (It's something that happens often.) The customer immediately returned to their car, but the iPhone was no longer in the car. (This post seems authentic to me.)

Other recent valet tweets that caught my attention...

Yep... this happens.

Changing the radio presets doesn't surprise me. 

Looks like somebody took a customer's car for a little joy ride, got away with it, and kept doing it with other customer cars.

Don't leave items of value inside your car when valet parking. You can't trust valet workers to be honest. It is the sad reality of the situation. Sunglasses. Spare change. Food. A beverage. Your air freshener. Chewing gum. A pen. Your GPS device. Your shoes. Some of them will take just about anything you leave behind.

Not just dings, dents and scratches happen with valet parking. Real accidents happen too. You never know if you will get your car back in the same condition. 

Well that doesn't sound good, does it? Typical valet workers are young men, under 25 years of age.  Many are college students.

Hour waits? Yes, long retrieval times happen. It is probably the most common complaint about valet parking on Twitter. This blog post about how to handle this situation might be helpful: How to handle long waits for valet to return your car.

Oh brother... So it appears a valet worker told a chick that big-time rock star Adam Levine of the band Maroon 5 was in the building. Big mistake. She tweeted it out. That's how a hotel or resort gets mobbed with who knows how many people, really quick. That is poor training and poor valet management right there. Hotel workers are supposed to protect guest privacy and exercise discretion, and not blab away. But the reality is most valet workers are kids, it's a temporary job for them, and they probably don't care.

Valet workers generally don't take it very well when somebody stiffs them. If you are high profile and you don't tip, there is a very good chance they will tweet it out as payback.

Yah, I believe that. It is possible the valet thought he was providing a good service by throwing it away. More likely he whipped the truck around a corner and the food went flying, so he just cleaned-up the mess and chucked it. Though it is also highly likely that the valet was simply hungry and helped himself. Scumbag valets do that sort of thing.

Whoops... it happened again.

That is really expensive... If you have "in and out privileges," it means you can retrieve and valet park your car as many times as you want in one day for one flat price. Here, in this tweet, it is $65 every time you cycle your car through this particular valet parking location. Yowza...

Hmm... that's not good.

Real professional... Where was the manager? 

It happens. Leave nothing of value in your car.


I think this series of posts is funny. Since a new Rolls Royce was involved, the valet was probably thinking he'd get at least a twenty, possibly a ten. Worst case scenario a five. And then the customer BURNED him!

So then the "blessed" valet retaliated with attempts at public humiliation and reputation damage. Nice...

A lot of celebrity types don't tip. I have found professional athletes to be the worst when it comes to managing their fame and conducting themselves with class. A lot of them just suck at it. Somebody should teach them a class about how to be cool with hospitality workers. 

Oh, and I certainly have seen these sort of lashing-out posts before. If you're high profile and you stiff a valet worker, there is a good chance they will seek to create awareness about the lack of class and fairness you showed them.