What to do when leaving valet and you only have $100 bills...

Some websites are feasting on the news that the head of CBS stiffed a valet because he only had hundreds on him.

Not having small bills for the valet service is not really your problem.

Not having small bills for the valet service is not really your problem.

Yah, the customer should have been prepared with smaller bills, but it's really the valet guy's fault for not be prepared for a high roller.

Where I worked, the presentation of a hundred with the expectation of change was a highly unusual, very rare situation. However customers did frequently have only twenties. And I was prepared for them.

I usually kept 3 bundles of change for these situations, each comprised of 3 fives and 5 ones. People sometimes would assume I didn't have change and two seconds later they would show a face of surprise when I showed them my neat, organized bundle of bills and asked them how much change they wanted back for their twenty.

When you make your living off of tips, it pays to be prepared.

Most valet workers won't be prepared though, so if your aim is really to tip nothing while not looking like a schmuck, then bring out a hundred dollar bill and say it's your smallest bill. The valet will probably say he has no change. And then you can say:

"I'll catch ya next time."

Which is what they all say.

No matter how sweet or cool they may seem, only about 1 in 100 will "catch you next time" or make a special return trip after getting change someplace else. 

Anyway, if you think tipping sucks but you don't want to look like a schmuck, have a hundred dollar bill ready for these situations. It will probably go down just like in this video.

Though the valet was unprepared for the high roller, he handled the situation with class.

I think the CBS leader blew a good PR opportunity there though. The camera was rolling. If he had passed the valet a hundred, a lot of people would have seen a cool act of generosity. Instead there is some negative Twitter buzz going on with this. And it could last a while.

The crowd is all over it. But... it's the valet's fault he got nothing. He probably learned a lesson.