If you lose your valet parking claim ticket, whoever finds it can claim your car.

Being careless with your valet parking claim ticket can lead to your car disappearing, and the valet service being completely not liable for it.

In the story reported on in this new report, a casino visitor says she parked her car with the valet service, but never received a claim ticket. Then when she and her party were ready to leave, it was discovered that somebody else had already taken her car. And now the victim is on TV.

It's nothing new. Others have experienced this exact same thing.

First you must get a claim ticket. Next, you put that claim ticket where it won't be misplaced or lost. (Treat it like cash. Perhaps put it in your wallet.)

If you drop the claim ticket, anybody can pick it up, pay the parking fee, tip the valet, then they are driving away — right after the valet told them to have a nice day.

The sequence...

  • Claim ticket presented. Check.

  • Parking was paid. Check.

  • They are acting like it's their car. Check.

  • They are giving me a tip. Check.

Transaction complete. The valet suspects nothing. He/she runs for the next car.

One way to defend against this scenario is to add an extra layer of security. Try "the codeword card method." Here is an EXAMPLE.

You don't have to buy them from me either. Just type something up telling the valet not to handover the keys unless the proper claim ticket is presented and your codeword is mentioned, and attach it to your key. Simple. Now you are much less likely to have your car given to a thief.

And even if you lost the valet ticket and the valet service gave your car away, now you have a defense against the blame being yours, because the instructions you attached to your key were not followed.

What do you do if you lost the claim ticket and the valet won't give you your car?

This is probably a valet worker who doesn't have much experience (which there are many of).

If there is anything with your name and address in your glove-box, like vehicle registration papers or insurance information, tell the valet to get those documents. Then you show that the name and address on your driver's license matches the info on those documents.

Thank the valet for being diligent. Tip, and leave. If you are still denied, tell the valet to summon the valet manager.  

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