Interesting valet tweets that caught my attention...

When a long delay in the return of a car happens, you don't just accept it. You demand a refund of your parking fee and go for additional compensation.

Well that's not a good sign.

Yah, this happens. Always bring a spare key and only give them the one key necessary to operate the car. (My most popular blog article is about what to do after a valet service loses your key. This shit happens more often than you probably think.)

That's an idiot thing to do. Instead, you should look for a uniform and a name tag. (Ideally, you snap a photo of the valet's face and name tag.) You ask questions about cost, how long it takes to get the car back, and if there is a number to call to have the car waiting for you when you are ready to leave. This is a way to verify that you are dealing with a proper valet worker. And you get a claim ticket. 

It's valet parking roulette. Full-size pickup trucks are high risk.

It appears weed theft by valet workers is not an unusual complaint on Twitter. Some smoke on the job too.

It happens. And it really sucks for all involved. It is a very stressful part of being a valet manager.

Like that's funny? 

So it appears this valet is enjoying his music while being completely oblivious to the financial blows his customer is taking with parking tickets. Nice... And according to the poster those are 80 Euro tickets! Yow...

Whether you are using an on-demand valet service or any valet parking service, the smart thing to do is allow some cushion time in your schedule for when things go wrong. (And if you need to catch a plane, then factor in a lot of cushion time for just in case.)

Valet workers generally don't make a good buck. Sometimes it's a real struggle.

Well that's pretty bad. I'm surprised the hotel allows their worker to camp-out so close to the property.

Yep... $2.13 an hour is the federal tipped employee minimum wage. Pretty lousy, huh? No wonder turnover is high in the industry.

Idiot. They're not your toys to play with.

No further comment.

The only thing a valet should touch on a car stereo is the down volume button in order to have full awareness. They should never listen to the stereo, or play with it.

Hmm... this writer makes a good point.

Inappropriate. Valets should not bring their phones to work. But they all do it.

I can picture this. Yep.

Well, it is difficult everywhere to find valet workers with this skill. It is a widespread problem. The good news is most cars in the U.S. are automatics!

Yep, it happens!

Long wait times are the most common complaint on Twitter about valet services.

Actually, this is a legitimate concern. If you don't want it to disappear, then don't leave it in the car. There are valets who will steal an air freshener.