Valet crashes Ferrari... while taking an unauthorized joyride!

The Cars And Business Facebook page says this demolished Ferrari was wrecked when a valet attendant took an unauthorized joyride while the owner was sleeping in his hotel room.

The story:

Where I used to work as a valet, anytime a Ferrari came in, none of us got to drive it. It stayed up front, on the driveway. The only time high value cars got driven by us was when the owners were too cheap or too unsophisticated to tip the doorman a $20 on arrival. 

In this situation, if you owned a high value car and weren't offering a fat gratuity to the guy who controlled the ramp, then he basically didn't care what happened to your car.

I got to drive a lot of fancy cars. But never a Ferrari. It gave me the impression that maybe Ferrari owners were a little smarter or more savvy than most. 

Well, this Ferrari owner screwed-up. The car was smashed into a building. It looks like a total loss. And it was a special car! Only 599 were built.

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