Four cars stolen from Atlanta valet services suddenly recovered...

Three teenagers have been arrested in the vehicle theft ring that targeted Atlanta valet services.

The story is here. And another report about this story is here.

Just yesterday, TWO MORE cars were stolen from ANOTHER Atlanta valet service. There is a crime wave underway in Atlanta with vehicle thefts from valet services!

If a valet service is using an outdoor key box or kiosk to secure the car keys, and especially if the valet service is in metropolitan Atlanta, I would not use that service. 

I want to see the keys on a keyboard inside a locked cashier's booth, where somebody is always there to watch the keys and no unauthorized people can enter that room. 

IF YOU MUST use a valet service in Atlanta that has a kiosk or key box to secure the keys, I would insist upon them immediately returning the keys to you after they park it, for your own peace-of-mind and to sharply reduce the chance of your car disappearing... because valet services in Atlanta keep screwing up. They are giving keys to car thieves, and through poor key security practices they are enabling vehicle theft by scumballs who see valet parked cars as easy pickings.

ANY VALET SERVICE that stores customer keys in outdoor key boxes or in a kiosk (those things that often have an umbrella opened up over it) higher risk compared to a brick and mortar cashier's booth where a locked door keeps outsiders out.

My faith in valets NOT to give car keys to the wrong person is low.

My trust that a valet will handle a car flawlessly, without monkeying around with the stereo and gas pedal, is low.

My belief that the valet workforce is made up of competent professionals, on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 being superb... is around 5 to 10 on that scale (pretty low).

Two recent victims of valet auto theft commented that they thought their cars were in good hands and they felt no need at all to be concerned when they handed over their keys.

Big mistake.

These services carry risks. And since every valet operation is unique, it is impossible to really know how risky or safe a particular valet service is. So what the use of these services boils down to is a gamble, where the odds of a successful outcome are unknown.