Atlanta valets lose another car to car thieves...

Yet again another Atlanta valet service has lost a valet customer's car to car thieves. And yet again the customer gave the valet the keys to his life. That's a big mistake.

You should only give a valet service the one key necessary to operate the car. Never your house key and every other key you own.

I'm wondering how the thief was able to snatch these keys? My guess is somebody got sloppy with securing them. In this scenario, it is the manager's fault for not properly training and overseeing the workers.

So now the valet service will probably do what typical valet services do: STALL. The gentleman who lost his car is likely to not have a resolution from the valet company any time soon.

Meanwhile, the valet service will hope that car is recovered shortly. 

Here is the story.

Here is a story for ANOTHER Atlanta car theft committed with the help of a valet service.

And here is YET ANOTHER Atlanta car heist perpetrated with the help of a valet service.

And there are actually more of these Atlanta incidents!

(Sloppy key handling among valets is an industry-wide problem.)