On-demand valet parking services... a smarter alternative? It's looking like it.

Somebody posted on Twitter that they opted to use the on-demand valet service "Zirx" when the normal thing to do was use the hotel's valet parking service...

This is it right here... the very beginning, the sprouting of a backlash against the low standards and the often higher cost of regular valet parking services offered through hotels.

In some cities, consumers have an alternative valet service available, like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC and soon other cities.

There are so many problems with traditional valet parking services that the new on-demand valet parking services have a real opportunity to take a bite out of the business of the older style valet companies.

First, as I mentioned in another recent article, on-demand valet parking services have a much lower chance of losing your car to a car thief... because of the built-in "hand over" code requirement at the beginning and end of the transaction. And there is no possibility your car is going to sit around with the engine running while it waits for a valet to move the car, like it might with a traditional valet service. You're on-demand valet immediately takes possession and heads to their parking facility.

Second, on-demand valet parking companies are offering bargain pricing right now. It appears you can EASILY save half the cost or more in choosing on-demand valet parking versus hotel valet parking.

Third, many times hotel valet operations inconvenience people with long wait times to get their cars back. It's a very common complaint on Twitter. Sometimes people have to wait 30 minutes, 45 minutes, even an hour.

There is a real possibility you can get a faster exit with an on-demand valet parking service.

Fourth, there are a lot of schmucks in the traditional valet parking business. I hate to say it, but yah... there are a lot of schmucks doing this work. The proof is all over Twitter.

The current state of the traditional valet parking business is not a pretty picture, as you can see.

On-demand valet parking services have a real chance to set themselves apart. 

I also like that they appear to be much more responsive to glitches, and things like damage claims.

We'll see... right now, on-demand valet parking services are looking like a smart alternative.