Wanna see a valet doing Ferrari burnouts in a parking garage?

People see a valet worker dressed snazzy with a vest and tie or some other uniform and assume they are dealing with a professional company.

Professional valet services have managers that pay attention to what is going on in the garage, and they make sure their workers are able to earn a decent wage, so they stay, and so they take their jobs seriously. I imagine there must be at least a few valet companies out there like this? But I'm afraid most are not in this category.

Notice that there are no concrete walls bordering the parking area, just metal fencing. And this is at least 3 stories up in the air, in a busy city area.

This Ferrari engine sounds great. But the valet is a fool for trying that stunt.

If he crashed through the metal fence and killed somebody below, he won't think it's so funny when he is sitting in front of a judge about to be sentenced to prison.