Top 6 Avoidable Mistakes... for new valet workers.

Most valet companies do a poor job of training their new hires. If you aspire to become a valet worker and want to have a good experience with it, then it's a smart move to prepare yourself with some knowledge. Here are the top six avoidable mistakes for new valet workers:

  1. Not taking care of your feet. It's extremely important to have proper fitting running shoes. (Risk of developing plantar fasciitis.) This is number one. Spend the money and get proper shoes. When your feet begin to hurt, don't waste time in getting new shoes. (Plantar fasciitis is a common injury among valets, and it can take longer than a year to heal.)

  2. Not showing up for work on time. If you're not dependable, it hurts the team. You get fewer hours and less desirable shifts. So then this hurts you.

  3. Not declaring all your tips. Impacts the workers compensation benefit if you get hurt on the job. Impacts the unemployment compensation benefit if your employer loses the contract and lets you go. Lowers the employer contribution to your social security retirement benefits. And opens you up to financial penalties and possible prison time for willful tax evasion. Not worth it.

    If a manager tells you it isn't necessary to declare everything, that's wrong. This is how they lower their payroll costs. Don't go along with it.

  4. Not conducting yourself with integrity. If there is a tip pool, you don't cheat your co-workers out of tip income. People can pick up on that. They won't want to work with you. It puts your job in jeopardy. It's toxic activity. Could lead to everybody scamming each other.

    Never take things from a customer's car. Be above that.

    Don't have people punch you in or out and don't do it for others. You don't scam your employer.

    Safeguard the automobiles you are entrusted to move. You park them, lock them and leave. Don't mess around. Don't play with the cars. They're not yours to play with.

  5. Not having the proper customer service attitude. You should be friendly, smiling, and jumping at every opportunity to build your value in the eyes of the customer. If they ask you to do something and you say it's not your job, this isn't going to help your gratuity income or the client's reputation (the venue where you work).

  6. Getting upset when you don't get a tip. Getting stiffed is part of the business. You forget about it and move on. It does you no good to dwell on how lousy somebody just treated you.

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