Nice guy valets in New York City kick the hell out of somebody's car.

Ready for some "bad valet" entertainment? I uncovered a few brazen video clips from immigrant valets working somewhere in New York City. The videos date back to 2011, but that doesn't mean valet workers like this no longer exist. They are out there.

Take a look...

Below, a valet worker from the same company does a nasty burnout with a customer's Mercedes, and laughs.

Below, the guys having some mild fun with a valet customer's Aston Martin.

Below, a slightly older video from the same group. The person who posted the video kindly placed his employer's company name in the title of the video. Have we found the next American Idol winner, or the next "America's Got Talent" winner? I don't think so.

This is why valet companies should have social media policies which prohibit any type of job related postings. They are wearing their company uniforms and not representing their employer well at all.