New valet workers are risky... and they are everywhere!

You cannot imagine all the things that can possibly go wrong with using valet parking services.

Shit happens... ALL. THE. TIME.

In the video below, a valet worker damages a car during his second day on the job by making a rookie mistake...

(The good news is... he didn't injure himself.) 

Over and over again, inexperienced valet workers screw-up. It never stops. If the damage is bad, probably the valet will be dismissed. If they get a second chance, they usually don't get a third chance.

In this particular case, I'd say the valet probably had a 40 to 50% chance of being fired. Why not 100%? Because it's expensive to on-board a new hire. Drug tests are not cheap. Background tests add to the cost. And who wants to work for peanuts? It's hard to find suckers to work for the tipped minimum wage — who also have a clean license, no visible tattoos, no criminal record, and have customer service ability. A valet manager will be inclined to salvage a new hire who has screwed up. 

When you use a valet service, the chances are higher that you will have rookies driving your car and not seasoned, experienced valets... because the industry does not cultivate career valet workers. It's seen as a temporary job until something better comes along. And the low wages force it to be this way.