$1800 worth of toys stolen from valet parked car. Customer blames valet service. Says they have a dishonest employee.

They thought their valuables were safe when they valet parked their car at a Memphis hotel. They were wrong.

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FOX 13 in Memphis produced an interesting report about a group of business people who came to Memphis to give some joy to sick children.

Apparently, they brought a lot of toys with them, and it was inconvenient to move them to their hotel rooms.

Besides, they thought they were paying for secure parking when they chose to valet.


Where did they go?

It's possible that the valet mistakenly left the vehicle unlocked, and an opportunistic thief got into the car, found the loot, and took it all.

The report did not mention that a window was broken, so I am ruling out forced entry.

Another possibility is a valet could have phoned a friend and alerted the friend that the vehicle was left unlocked, and that the security cameras were not operational.

Though I can imagine a valet worker simply parking the customer's car in a lonely spot, then bringing their own personal car to that spot, and moving the toys from the customer's car to their car. And then parking both cars in different spots after that.

And I can imagine the valet justifying the decision to steal for five reasons:

  1. The customer didn't tip them a $5, $10 or $20 in advance to ensure their car was parked in a safe place... So they deserved the misfortune they received.

  2. The valet considers his/her pay to be so terrible that they deserve to seize upon an opportunity like this.

  3. The customer deserves to be stolen from because they were stupid to trust that their valuables were safe when using valet parking services.

  4. The valet feels he/she deserves to have a nice Christmas.

  5. The valet stole in the past from valet customers and got away with it, so why not plunder this person's toys. "I'll get away with it just like all the other times."

I'm not saying any of these scenarios are true. I am merely pondering the various ways things could have gone wrong.

Bottom line: It is simply a risky choice to leave items of value in a car when valet parking. Because some valets will steal. And some valets forget to lock car doors or raise car windows, making it too easy for thieves to enter the car. And you simply don't know the risk levels associated with where the cars are actually parked.

Don't leave items of value in your car. Because, unfortunately, no valet parking service can fully be trusted with ensuring your property is safe.