Of course a valet worker just gave a car away to the wrong person.

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that a 59 year old unemployed Orlando resident claimed a white 2015 Mercedes from a Delray Beach valet at The Seagate Hotel & Spa.

This is one of the real risks of using valet parking services. They can easily give your car to somebody else. 


Well, there are a lot of poorly trained and poorly supervised rookies in this line of work.

Some of them lack the confidence to challenge somebody to produce a proper claim ticket. 

Some of them will just hand over a key if a person acts like a car is their's. (I did it when I was new.)

This most often happens with rental cars, where a consumer honestly believes they are taking possession of the right car.

But sometimes a drunk person takes a car, or is given one. 

Other times it is deliberate theft.

If you'd like to know how to defend your car from this risk, ask about it in the comment section below.