Cars stolen from valet parking service in Atlanta.

I have gotten the impression that theft of valet parked cars is more likely to happen in Atlanta than other cities.

It seems like it keeps happening there. This FOX5 Atlanta report discusses the theft of three valet parked cars from a valet parking location.

Unfortunately, one of the victims left valuables in the car.

Even if the valet workers are honest, it's still a big mistake to leave items of value in the car. Windows sometimes are mistakenly left down by valets, and car doors are sometimes left unlocked. I've seen it many times. It makes it an easy crime of opportunity for any scumbag that is walking by your car. In this situation they can easily swipe your stuff.

And if the car is locked-up, it's not difficult to smash open a window and grab things out of it.

And then there are the multiple different ways that a car can be stolen from a valet parking service. 

Don't leave items of value in your car. Take them all out before valet parking. It's the smart thing to do.