Why would anyone leave valuables in a car when valet parking it?

It's been a while since I surfed Twitter to see what people are saying about valet parking services. Here are a few tweets related to valet theft...

The lesson: don't leave items of value inside your car when using valeting parking services.

They will take your phone charger, your spare change, your stash of paper currency, your highway toll transponder, your sunglasses, your weed, everything. If you don't want it gone, don't leave it in your car. 

If you valet park with an honest valet crew, it's still possible they could forget to lock your car or roll-up all the windows, and somebody walking by might seize upon the opportunity this situation presents.

Writing about this reminds me of an incident somebody tweeted about a while ago... a valet decided to take a whiff of a young woman's perfume while he was alone inside her car. He ended up being hospitalized for three days because he had a bad reaction to the mace that he sniffed.

You can't underestimate the potential for monkey business when using valet services.