"Car-tastrophe!" Valet crashes 1962 Ferrari 250GT

Uh oh! News has surfaced that a valet in Dubai stepped on the gas when he meant to press the brake. And the result is the world's latest valet parking fiasco... A rare antique Ferrari has been smashed!

(A similar car sold for over $10 million in 2008.) An article reporting the news says owner is in shock.

Read it HERE: 

Would you valet park such a rare and valuable car? In my opinion, any time you hand over a fancy car to a valet service, you're asking for trouble. I mean... wow! Giving a multi-million dollar antique Ferrari to a valet is CRAZY!

If only the owner would have found RealValetControl.com and all of the useful material I've put on here. But it's not too late for you!

Before you valet park your Ferrari, or any other car, learn how to wisely use valet parking services with my 6 part series titled "The Smart Way To Use Valet Parking Services." It's all free. (Educating the public is my hobby. I do it for fun.)

For a quick, yet excellent tutorial, I also recommend this article I just posted yesterday: 

"What to do when valet parking." The article has my latest thinking on strategy and tactics you can use to DEFEND your car from sloppy valet work.

One thing I failed to mention in this post is whether it's okay to use valet parking services for "extremely high value cars."

The answer is I would COMPLETELY NOT recommend this. (And I am surprised that anyone would do it.)