Valet Tweet Lessons #9 - Yes, valets steal.

In this set of tweets, Stormy Daniels had her tablet stolen, the overly nice Hailey had $5 IN QUARTERS stolen from her, and this other person lost her umbrella to a valet. 

Where I worked we all had background checks, but at one other valet service that I interviewed with, the owner simply sized me up and decided there would be no expenditure on criminal history checks or anything like that.

From the amount of theft that goes on with valets, I have the impression that a lot of valet parking companies skimp on doing background checks.

Twitter is loaded full of complaints about valet theft.

Stripcab's post... I totally believe that. Sloppy key handling is pandemic among valet services.

NYQUIL... Yah, I believe a valet would stoop to stealing somebody's beverage.

Mr. Kim... Too bad he lost his sunglasses. I actually have seen a lot of tweets about stolen sunglasses. (Why would someone want to steal sunglasses? I don't get it?)

Petty theft by valets. They will even steal your chewing gum.