Valet Tweet Lessons #6 - Aggressive driving and valet theft.

As a valet, when you are driving the same route over and over again, it becomes quite easy to go faster than a person ordinarily would.

But when valets go a step further than that and are driving aggressively, if left unchecked, this driving behavior spreads to other valets.

Often, the manager is at a desk somewhere and not monitoring how their workers are handling their customers' cars. Valets know the boss isn't watching, so this makes them even more likely to be brazen in taking excessive liberties with the cars.

I have seen aggressive, rough driving by valets plenty of times. It seems to be a typical thing.

A few more valet theft tweets. Up top, somebody is in for a nasty surprise.

On the bottom, a gun was stolen allegedly by a valet worker. Nah, I'm not surprised. Leave nothing of value in the car!

If you leave "weed" in the car, it is almost guaranteed to be stolen by a valet worker. Coins are also high risk.

Valet theft happens again and again. It's all over Twitter.