Valet Tweet Lessons #5 - Valet damage & valet theft.

Yep, even Maseratti's get damaged by valets. And Frank, in the bottom tweet, scratched another car...

Some people simply are not cut-out for valet work. Besides having good physical stamina, it takes real skill to operate so many different kinds of cars without messing them up.

And when valets are paid so poorly, with some being paid $2.13 an hour, (even as low as $2/hour) well, the talent pool can be shallow. 

Valet is a popular service in some places. And valet companies sometimes are doing all they can to attract workers. It can be a very competitive environment.

When valet companies are DESPERATE to hire workers, sometimes they will hire nearly anybody... no driving test required! 

Oh man, $320? If they will steal your chewing gum or your Chapstick, then they will certainly steal your cash. You cannot leave valuables in your car AT ALL when using valet parking services.

On Twitter, theft is one of the biggest complaints about valet services.

I wonder what happened? Is that a Nikon 3DS? That's like a $3000+ camera!

You can't leave ANYTHING with ANY VALUE inside the car. No sunglasses. No phone chargers. No snacks. No money. No electronics! NOTHING. 

Clear out your car before valet parking it.

One more time... YOU CAN'T LEAVE ANYTHING IN THE CAR. No weed. No guns. No purses. Not even your garage door opener.

This reminds me of the time I brought out somebody's Porsche 911. It was parked tight. I had a hard time getting in, especially with it being low to the ground. I had to be a contortionist to get into it.

The customer was very friendly, very like-able, and cool. He tipped me $5. That's not bad.

Later I saw sunglasses on the ground where his parking spot was. Shit... I must have knocked them out of the car while squirming to get into it.

I immediately asked the concierge to call him, but we had no phone number of his. He probably thought one of us stole his glasses. So sometimes it isn't outright theft. (I certainly have no interest in anybody else's sunglasses.)