Valet Tweet Lessons #4 - Sneaky damage caused by valets.

Oh boy... so the valet wrecked the customer's Camaro and threatened or attacked the customer? Brilliant...

There is almost a 100% chance the valet lost his job.

Any time a valet damages a car, his/her job is in jeopardy. This may be one of the reasons why valets are often not forthcoming about damage they have caused.

Damage, wrecked cars, it's not a rare thing in this industry.

Yep... it happens! Pretty much anything that can go wrong while using a valet parking service will happen... to somebody!

Locking keys inside a car is usually a rookie mistake. Sometimes cars actually lock themselves after a while. And if the keys are still inside... somebody is screwed. Plus, this can block a lane in the valet area, and that can be really bad. They might need to jack it up on dollies and push it out of the way.

I recommend rolling down your driver's side window when approaching a valet location and leaving it open, weather permitting. I also recommend keeping a spare key with you, because not only do valets lock keys inside of cars, they also lose keys! (Not uncommon.)

Lesson: Always check for damage IMMEDIATELY upon receiving your car back and BEFORE you hand over the departure tip. If you find the damage later, after you have already driven away, they will tell you that a fair determination of where the damage actually happened cannot be made, and they will basically tell you it's not their problem.

Valet companies are pretty good at dodging damage claims. It seems to be a part of the business.