Valet Tweet Lessons #2 - Valets hate coins as tips, yet they will still steal the change out of your cup-holder.

You really need to be alert at a valet location. A rookie valet could easily get out of a car while it is still in "drive." (I did this twice. Once when I was new, and once when I was in a giant hurry and the shift into park didn't "take." I had to run after the car! Fortunately I caught it in time.)

A valet location is an ESPECIALLY dangerous area for young children. 

Trust no driver. It's foolish to do so.

I would have gladly taken the coins. Better than nothing! But for valets, coins CAN BE a hassle... because they are running, squatting, twisting, sitting, sometimes jumping... and coins can slip out of pockets with all of this activity. Mr. Simba's reaction is actually quite common among valets.

(Imagine the reaction when there is no tip presented at all! Some valets get punching-bag-angry. They really hate "stiffs.")

Oops... Yes, it happens! I'll take a guess that this was a rookie's fault or she fried the valet's brain with her beauty and he totally forgot all about the key fob. 

In this situation, the valet service SHOULD bring the key fob to her with a refund of her parking fee.

Lesson: Always verify that you have the key fob before pulling away, because valets DO screw-up like this.

This was tweeted around the time a valet got caught going 50 mph in a parking garage. It became national news.

I recommend that you warn valets that "It's recording," and that they should drive the car with care... whether it has an actual video surveillance system or not. 

It appears from this tweet that a valet presented a Mercedes to the wrong customer. How would you like a valet service to give your car to somebody else? It absolutely happens.

I do have a solution for this problem. You can check it out HERE.