Want to be a valet? Study before you apply!

Yes, it is POSSIBLE to pull in over $200 in tips plus your hourly wage during a shift. And for the guy that made $440, well that is really extraordinary.

But what you make really depends upon where you are working and if you have a good manager. At most valet operations there are shitty days, great days, and average days. It averages out to a certain hourly rate.

If you aspire to land a job as a valet driver, then my advice to you is to take it seriously and get prepared. Invest in becoming knowledgeable before you show up for the interview. And get yourself a game plan for success.

Some valet managers regard hiring as a delicate balance. It's uncommon to find somebody who has both an excellent driving ability and outstanding customer service ability. Usually it's a mix. 

For example, some might be great at driving but suck at dealing with customers. Others might be great with customers but suck at driving. 

True "A Level" candidates for this job are tough to find.

Where do you fit into in this ranking?

If you are a B, C, or D job candidate, and if you really want to break into the valet business AND DO WELL WITH IT, then here is the 3 step plan I recommend to achieve your goal:

First Step

Read through my Top Valet Online Training Course... FOR FREE!

Whether you disclose to potential employers that you took my course is up to you. I'm thinking that it's best to conceal this "ace up your sleeve." Let them be pleasantly surprised instead by how rapidly you catch-on. Taking my online course can be your hidden advantage. 

On the other hand, if you tell them you prepped yourself in this way, this disclosure alone could help you to land the job, yet at the same time there is a certain danger — because the expectations they will have of your performance will automatically be higher. 

Second Step

Decide where you would most like to work. Pick the coolest place. Whether they are advertising for valet help or not, you go there. Ask to speak to the valet account manager. Have a chat. Talk business. Tell them you are looking for a position in this field. See what happens.

Then begin approaching other valet services. Shop around for the valet operation that is best for you.

Third Step

You shape the outcome by earning the respect of your co-workers quickly. You learn their systems and demonstrate your competency and commitment to the job. Competency and learning quickly — gets you more hours quickly. It also speeds up the likelihood of you getting scheduled for the better, more lucrative shifts. 

Think about it...

If you are there on Day 1, 2, 3, etc and you are screwing up over and over again, your team members are going to be annoyed and irritated with you. They might even be discussing what a moron you are. And it will lead to you getting fewer hours on the schedule while they wait to see if you can overcome all of the handicaps that comes with being a brand new rookie.

It will be much better for you if you impress them and show that you pick things up quickly and are on-the-ball. Your cool factor in this case will automatically be higher.

And if you have a good grasp of how the valet business works right from the start, this also boosts your self-confidence.

Valet companies usually don't have just one account. They have multiple accounts. Some are better to work at than others. The best properties are the most difficult to get into. Why? Because it's very prestigious for a valet company to have a top property. It says to the marketplace that they are a player. It makes their company PROMINENT and sets them up to get other prestigious accounts.

So they really only want THEIR BEST workers at their best properties. 

The best properties have the perks that makes this job fun, which involves having close encounters with fancy people, sometimes moving fancy cars, better tip potential, and sometimes the meal perks are far superior to other properties.

For example, where I worked we had the best employee cafe of any hotel in the entire region. All free and all-you-can-eat. The menu changed every day. The food was tasty. And sometimes we even got the really good stuff from the 5 star kitchen.

Every time we had valets from other properties helping us, they were in awe when they saw what we got to eat FOR FREE.

The point I'm trying to make is...

It's important for you to create the very best impression right from the beginning so that you will be regarded as "A" material, and so you have the best chance of getting into a top property.

If you end up at a "C" property, then you blew it. There's a lot of extra fun you could have had, but it slipped through your fingers. In my case, over my 2 years in the business, I had encounters with hundreds and hundreds of celebrities, including some of the biggest stars on the planet.

I've had tips as high as $110 merely for bringing out a car. This is part of the difference with top properties and lesser properties. And it's a big difference.

(If you end up at a C property, it's your own fault. You should have studied my material.)

If it helps you get the job, if it helps you to get assigned to a top property, if it quickly helps you to earn the respect of your co-workers, if it speeds up the on-boarding process so that you are scheduled for more and better hours more quickly than typical hires, and if it helps you to earn greater tip income, then WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU NOT STUDY MY MATERIAL FRONT TO BACK?

I am offering you the keys to the business here... my detailed, in-depth INSIDER KNOWLEDGE. This is a deep dive into the subject matter.

If the valet business seems a bit mysterious to you now, it won't be after you've read through everything I've lined up for you. With diligent study over a few days, you will have cracked the code to this whole industry.


I'm giving you some tools... forms you can use to easily track all of your earnings. Financially, you are going to be super-organized and know exactly what you are making by the hour, by the week, and year-to-date — as any professional in this business should be doing.

This is a growing and changing industry.

There are opportunities to move up into management and also to start your own valet enterprise. New niches are beginning to form with "on-demand" valet parking services, and services that handle the movement of cars to auto repair and maintenance shops for a fee. But you probably won't be able to get insurance for any valet venture unless you have experience in the business. So getting your foot in the door at an existing valet company is a good first step if this industry interests you.

Who is valet work not for?

If you have a criminal record, this hurts you A LOT. Likewise, if you ever got convicted of drunk driving, a valet company's insurance policy probably will not allow them to hire you. If you like getting high, that's another problem. (Some valet companies require a urine sample.) And if you look weird, scary, or are unfriendly, then that hurts your chances too.

Some valet companies don't want their workers to have visible tattoos. I don't think that's a complete deal killer, but it could be an issue with some companies. (Cover them up during the interview.)

If you can't drive a manual transmission, this hurts. BUT, it is so difficult to find suitable valet workers with this skill that some valet companies have eased their standards in this area. I recommend you try to learn.

If you are fat — sorry. This will be make it more difficult for you. Sometimes the cars are parked in very tight spaces. You've got to be able to squeeze into cars in tight spaces. (I'm skinny, and I had to be a CONTORTIONIST to get in some cars.) 

And you can expect a TON OF RUNNING. If you have foot problems or a torn ACL, forget about it. You've got to be able to run.

One other thing... you probably are going to need a clean driver's record.

If none of this is an issue, then let's get moving with a SERIOUS STEP FORWARD.

This could actually turn into a career. You DON'T need a college education to become a salaried $50,000+ per year account manager, and the industry is burgeoning. As I mentioned, lots of growth is happening in this space.

This material will substantially accelerate your learning curve.

Insights you won't find anywhere else about the valet business are included.

Plus you get my detailed "tip journal" forms, and these forms alone will have good value for you.

In summary, you will be more likely to be assigned to a top property. You will get up-to-speed faster. You'll get more and better hours faster. You'll have a better idea of how to raise your tip income. And you will even be better positioned, right from the very beginning of your employment, to become a management candidate.

So get your start by clicking to Part 1 of the Top Valet Online Training Course.