Unknown valet makes video reviews using customer cars, takes inappropriate liberties with them, and it's all on video.

"Scumbags like you screwing around with cars that aren't yours are the exact reason why I never valet my car." - posted by "AJC11Cin response to this video.

Maserati sports cars like this one are ferociously loud when the throttle opens up. The audio on this YouTube video really doesn't come close to capturing what it is actually like to hear the roar of this engine reverberating throughout an underground parking garage.

In this scandalous video, the young fellow operating this $132,000+ Maserati GranTurismo is a student at the University of Maryland and valets at a hotel. He has taken measures to conceal the rest of his identity and where he works. My guess is he works at a hotel in the Washington DC area.

He has opportunities to drive lots of fancy cars. It is such a routine occurrence that he decided to get his GoPro camera and begin taping himself as he is driving, often with commentary about the vehicles.

An online group of BMW owners just raised concern about this young man's behavior after he taped himself while driving and looking over a brand new M4. But his treatment of the Maserati is worse.

In this Maserati video he purposefully takes the car to an empty level of the underground parking garage and tests the power his customer's car in a straightaway area. He also revs the shit out of the engine, a lot.

In going through a number of his videos, I see he has real driving talent and it's clear he's not a rookie at being a valet. Actually, he has enough experience to think he's "the best valet parker of all time," as this slightly amusing video (below) shows...  

But in the end, this college student is yet another valet worker giving the valet parking industry a bad reputation.

Despite routinely handling high value cars, despite working at what is obviously a top hotel in his city, the standards with this hotel's valet parking operation clearly remain low. 

Hotel management and the management of the valet operation, along with their employees — do not take their responsibilities seriously. That is a big mistake.

As a valet, when you are entrusted to move a customer's vehicle, you're supposed to do it as a professional would: carefully and with respect. You park it with a sense of pride in your trade — by putting it flawlessly into a proper space. Then you make sure the vehicle is secure and leave, without engaging in monkey business, which, unfortunately, is what this guy is doing.

(It's not your toy to play with! You're supposed  to respect the cars.)

But that's how it is. Valets drive rough. They taste the performance aspects of the cars. They push buttons to see what happens. They try out the stereo systems. And they indulge in taking photos, doing selfies with the cars, etc.

It's widespread. At least, that's my impression.

Here is a reaction to the outing of the BMW M4 video: 

What I'm wondering is... where is the manager? This has been going on for months with this particular valet. It is an ongoing management failure, fully documented on Youtube. And it is potentially hugely embarrassing for this hotel.

I would say whoever is in charge of this valet operation is in jeopardy of losing their job, (in addition to the valet being fired). 

Here's one more for you. The valet and one of his associates go way too fast in this new Corvette. In the comments section of this Youtube video, "Mr. ValetDrive" says the performance data recorder had not been activated, and he ends that response with a smiley face.

UPDATE: 1/22/15 4:19pm "Mr. ValetDrive" has gone off the grid. I guess he decided he wanted to try to hang on to his job.

Since those videos are no longer available for public viewing, here's one from a few years ago...

Here's a more recent one. The aggressive driving is mostly over with within the first 75 seconds.