Stoner valets. It's all part of valet parking roulette.


Most people probably assume that when they give possession of their car to a valet service, everything will be fine. They're supposed to be professionals, right?

Have you considered that some of them might be impaired from recent drug use? And now they are about to be driving your car?

I surf Twitter for posts about the valet business, and I have the impression that a lot of valets light up. Some are hardcore into smoking marijuana. And one in particular has been schooling me about the latest thing with weed. It's called "wax," and it is the strongest, most potent kind of marijuana product you can buy, because the THC is highly concentrated.

Stoners take a piece of this concentrate, known as a dab, and smoke it with a bong or vaporizer. According to an article on, it's possible that some people can have a bad reaction with dabbing and can experience hallucinogenic effects.

Okay, so one particular valet was boasting about his pot use and I saved some of his tweets. Six months later I checked back on his tweeting. He's STILL a valet! And he has moved up to "dabbing."

(I think that means if you leave weed in your car, he will be enjoying it.)

So you can see this fellow is a big-time pot user. He is a 22 year old valet at a fancy hotel who sometimes has management duties. He's actually a hard worker and puts in a ton of hours.

All I can find is that he scratched a rim once. No accidents. So even though he is getting high on the job with highly potent "dabbing," it doesn't seem to be impacting his work. Though if he ever crashes a customer's car and injures somebody — and he gets tested for impairment, the hotel he works at and the valet service who employs him are both screwed.

(Hey Jus_High, this is for you.)

I have the impression that many valets are pot users. It's pretty ballsy to light-up at work though.

Whether pot use leads to a higher chances of accidents, research is ongoing. Articles say impairment is minimal and that alcohol is clearly worse. Though it is unclear how impaired people are after dabbing. 


Marijuana "Dabbing" is "exploding onto the drug-use scene."