New valet service will take your car to the repair shop., based in San Francisco, offers to handle taking your car to a repair shop for routine maintenance... or to a gas station, for $15 or 75 cents per minute, whichever is higher.

Giovanni Tripodi, owner of the new start-up, considers UbiValet to be a car concierge service where a wide range of vehicle upkeep chores can be taken care of with the push of a few buttons on a smartphone. 

It's another type of valet service using an Uber-like app, where drivers are rated with a star system by users.

A mobile app used by the service keeps drivers in line, showing speed of travel and route taken. Tripodi says any joyriding attempts by one of their valets will result in their dismissal, since they monitor the movements of client cars.

With all of the recent on-demand valet start-ups in the San Francisco area, in combination with traditional valet services, Tripodi says valet workers have become a hot commodity in his city.

Currently, the new service can only handle vehicles valued at $100,000 or less, due to insurance reasons.