Report surfaces of 4 cars being stolen from hospital valet service.

Wow... A report by Fox2 in St. Louis quotes a VA hospital spokeswoman as saying "at least" 4 cars were stolen "that week."

That is remarkable.

The victim featured in this Fox2 news report said within 4 minutes of arriving, somebody had hopped into her car and drove off (the keys were inside it). Her car turned up 3 days later with 1200 more miles on it, and $11,000 worth of damage caused by 7 bullet holes.

Who's fault is it?

The valet company's! 

How can you let that happen 4 times in one week? That's bad management and poor key control.

The news report:

As a consumer, what can you do to prevent your car from being stolen right off the driveway?

You could stand there with the key in your hand while blocking entry to the driver's seat and WAIT for a valet to take your car away, instead of merely leaving the key in the car. This way your car isn't such an easy target. There is an obstacle.

You could also whip out your smartphone and begin recording who is standing around, while making it obvious you are doing this. If you spook somebody, good!

While you're at it, shoot video of the entire exterior of your car to document its condition prior to the valet service moving it. And when the car is returned to you, verify BEFORE YOU LEAVE that your car has no new damage.