Valet gets busted going 50 mph in a parking garage.

A local television station is about to do a news story with it. Right now, the video is not viewable on Youtube, but the website has got a screenshot from it that shows somebody doing 50 mph in a parking garage. Here's a link:

First, if you're a valet driving a new Corvette that fast, with its widely publicized "performance data recorder" feature, you're an idiot.

Secondly, not only is your job gone. You may have just cost your manager his or her job. Partly because... it's their fault too! The valet manager failed to manage you properly.

Also, this could blow-up to be such a fiasco, that your valet company might be losing this account, because of your bonehead stunt. I'd say there is a pretty good chance of that.

And for everyone else, yes — that sort of driving DOES happen with valet services. It just so happens that this valet got caught on video, which so far has been very out-of-the-ordinary.

I predict a viral storm. This will be all over the internet shortly.