Valet parking industry observer, critic, blogger  - Ed Ryder.

Valet parking industry observer, critic, blogger
- Ed Ryder.

Good valet parking advice.

If you are interested in lowering your chances of ever experiencing a valet parking fiasco, then former valet worker Ed Ryder has some advice for you.

He stumbled upon the job in June 2012 and stayed longer than he ever expected.

The good news for you is he shares his insider viewpoints and has devised clever ways to minimize your chances of being hit with the burning stress & aggravation that happens when sloppy valet work strikes.

Part 1 of "The Smart Way To Use Valet Parking Services" begins HERE.

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How Much To Tip Valets



Few people take adequate precautions when using valet parking services. That’s a big mistake. Too many things can go wrong. You need to take an active role in defending your car.

My beliefs...

Industry players need to change their thinking.

I think there should be no tipping. Valet workers should be paid a market value wage and get a piece of the parking fee. It should be divided equally on a weekly basis among all valets per hour worked. This way it doesn't matter if a worker gets a crappy shift. There is income stability. This fosters the long-term valet worker, which raises skill level, which lowers damage incidents and lost key events.

The current low wage formula flushes out talent too quickly. As a result, the workforce is in a constant state of mediocrity at many valet locations. And that's not good for consumers.






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